A year after graduation

Today is the November first, 2016. Few days ago, which was 25th of October, marked a year after graduation from my undergraduate study. The time went by quite fast. Even though I have not worked as a petroleum engineer yet, I am still very grateful because I could attain a job and gain experience as a full time worker. My job gave me not only skills and experience, but also friends who are lovely and engaging.

I feel like my team at work are just like a family. We can be serious at times, on the other hand, we can also be completely joking about stuffs and laugh out loud like nothing to worry about. I can share many things to my colleagues, even about my romance life. One of the great things about them is that they accept me the way I am. I mean, I can seriously be me, for example I don’t need to hesitate to admit that as a girl, even though it might be weird for some, I kind of having a great appetite on many different types of foods. They are having fun watching me eating and munching. They said that I am still slim so that I have to eat a lot and more. On the whole, it is completely fun having them as my colleagues at work.

Other than work, I tried several different new things throughout the year, which are writing life journal, volunteering in social activities, reading English books and also being involved in sports activities (running, ping pong and female futsal). I started writing journal because I found that successful people have one thing in common: they write journals about their lives. Then, I simply wanted to be successful as well, so that I tried this method. These journals are the tools or keys that track down successful people’s lives and how they can plan and also figure out what their skills or passions they should pursue. I knew this information after I attended a higher education fair where there was a seminar about how to choose which education course in undergraduate or further study.  Continue reading


Pengalaman Interview LPDP

LPDP is an Indonesian abbreviation version of Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education. It is a body that provides scholarships for Indonesian citizens who want to pursue post graduate study (Masters and PhD) either in Indonesia or in the overseas. LPDP is quite a famous and favorite scholarship for Indonesians. They can provide up to thousands of scholarships annually. However, the selection process to get this prestigious scholarship is not a piece of cake.

I would like to tell you about my personal experience of applying for LPDP scholarship. First of all, I graduated from my university on 25th October 2015. A friend of mine who graduated at the same time, was already applying for the scholarship on the batch 4 of 2015. Meanwhile, I was still considering and searching for information about LPDP scholarship. I probably would not know about it if she did not tell me that she was going to apply. So, apparently, after my graduation and arrival in my home country, I was still in the preparation process. Continue reading

Pengalaman Test dan Interview Beasiswa PETRONAS

Pengumuman beasiswa PETRONAS untuk intake 2016 sudah terbit beberapa waktu lalu, deadline-nya pun sudah lewat. Banyak pelajar SMA / SMK atau sederajat dari Indonesia yang mendaftarkan diri dengan sangat antusias.

Sayangnya, hanya ada puluhan orang yang dipanggil untuk interview dan test. Menurut para kandidat, mereka mendapat undangan test dan interview di hari Senin atau Selasa minggu depan. Tinggal beberapa hari lagi menjelang peristiwa bersejarah untuk hidup mereka itu.

Beberapa dari mereka meminta saya untuk menceritakan pengalaman saya sewaktu dulu ikut test dan interview PETRONAS. Daripada saya bercerita panjang lebar dari awal sampai akhir ke setiap kandidat yang bertanya, lebih baik saya tulis di sini. Semoga bisa bermanfaat.

Seingat saya, pendaftaran waktu itu Bulan Juli – Agustus 2009. Yup, saya lulus SMA tahun 2009. Dapat undangan interview dan test sekitar satu atau dua minggu sebelum hari-H, yaitu di bulan Oktober. Pada hari yang sama, saya ada jadwal UTS kalkulus. Saya tidak tahu kalau pelaksanaan-nya di dua hari yang berbeda. Saya juga enggan meminta ganti hari ke PETRONAS, maka rela tidak rela saya tinggalkan UTS yang setelah diskusi dengan dosen-nya, beliau bilang tidak ada replacement test, unless karena sakit dan harus ada surat resmi dari dokter.

Malam sebelum hari-H, saya menginap di rumah sahabat saya di Cengkareng. Karena kantor PETRONAS di Jakarta, dulu masih di Jalan Sudirman. Sedangkan rumah saya di luar kota. Jadi kawan saya ini mengizinkan saya untuk menginap di rumah-nya. Sahabat saya yang satu ini orang yang sangat luar biasa, sahabat sekaligus roommate waktu kami sekolah di Jakarta. Dia juga yang memberi kabar saya bahwa ada beasiswa PETRONAS ini, kita sama-sama berjuang untuk ikut test dan interview.

Baiklah, ini cerita tentang hari-H. Continue reading

PETRONAS Scholarship for Undergraduate Study in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), 2016 Intake

As I mentioned in my previous post that upcoming posts will be about scholarships and study in the overseas, I would like to start with the one I had been having for several years. Yup, it is the PETRONAS Scholarship. Deadline application: 31 October 2015.


For 2016 intake, PETRONAS only provides these courses to choose:

Chemical Engineering (ChE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Petroleum Engineering (PE) and Petroleum Geoscience (PG).

Even though there are more courses in UTP, which are Civil Engineering (CvE), Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and also Business and Information System (BIS). These courses are not available to choose for the scholarship. But for those who want to be private students, you can choose any of these. Private student means that you pay for your studies by your own, and the application process is directly to UTP, not through PETRONAS Jakarta.

If you are eligible to apply for this scholarship, kindly find the application form from this link:

Application Form

and then attach it with other required and relevant documents, you can submit directly to PETRONAS office at the address on the poster or send them through mail. Please ensure that you do not exceed the application deadline. Continue reading


Hi, it’s been almost two years that I have paused posting on my blog. Today I would like to write something on it. First of all, today is my birthday. I still can’t believe that I am 24 years old now. Time flies incredibly fast. Praise to God, Allah the All Mighty, for every single thing in my life. For every single phase, struggle, sacrifice, bitterness, happiness, fun and joy, Alhamdulillah, I have arrived to this point of life. I would also like to express my gratitude to my beloved parents for all the pray and support for my study and life. Continue reading

Internship In Rohas Perkasa Building, Kuala Lumpur Part 3

It might be confusing because I wrote that I was rejected for the screening session from SLB on the first post of this story. And then on the second part I wrote that I was one of those who signed contract for internship at Rohas Perkasa, together with Yin Yin, Lothfi and others. Then,, how?


Last semester, I was very busy with Engineering Team Project, went to civil lab everyday and continued spending time at block 14 to browse internet after 5 PM. The project was suggested by my SV. It was about waste water treatment. Almost everyday I brought my lab coat when going to attend classes and then going to the lab to see my group’s reactor, whether it was working properly or not, checking if any leakage occurred, etc. The main reason I had to go to the lab was to do testing about the water: COD, nitrate, ammonia content, etc. And this thing was like “a preparation” for my future. I never expected to work at SLb as I was already being rejected at that time. I just spent hours looking for HR email of companies all around the world, anyone that I could find, I just sent my CV for internship application. Continue reading

Internship In Rohas Perkasa Building, Kuala Lumpur Part 2

I mentioned about Yin Yin Lee, that she got the internship only few days after the screening session. Well, let me tell you why she’s very special and every one being HR (even me), would mostly like to take her, to choose her instead of everyone else.

She’s Malaysian Chinese, was wearing very nice formal clothe and looked very professional. At the time her name was called and the 3 minutes began, she started to speech “not only speak” very adequately, professionally and it was like flawless at all. She introduced her name, her background as Petroleum Geoscience student, as the president of AAPG, as a motivator, etc. She mentioned about PETREL* (SLB patented software for geoscientist), her strengths and weaknesses and also why she wanted to work with SLB. Once she finished (before the time was up), she sat down. And I almost clapped my hands because I was very amazed with her.

During the group activity, I was in the same group with her. I could see that this girl was very creative, very strong leadership and also a good team player. Then I just adored her more in terms of her attitude.


I made a big mistake during the group activity. The rule was not to use any other stuffs instead of those being provided by HR. And I took another HVS paper from my file and a pen to be used for our group drawing a sketch for the paper tower (I did not realize that it was a mistake). Mr. Shahrizal came to our group when we just started drawing and discussing. He realized that the pen was not one of the provided utilities from SLB HR. And then he asked,

Mr. S: “Whose is this?”

FJ: “mine”

Mr. S: “Aaaa,, cheating! It’s already written on the instruction paper. No other stuffs allowed to be used here.”

FJ: “I am sorry, I thought that’s for building the paper only.”

Mr. S: “Nop. I deduct your mark, your name? Fatma”

He saw my name on my name tag and wrote something on his paper. You must know what my feeling was at that time. I felt very guilty and scary that this thing would end soon because of this huge mistake. My heart was pounding and deep inside my heart, I was like “Oh Robbi, please help me.”

I was still thinking about that mistake when I am in the middle of building a tower made of paper, together with my group-mates. I was less concentrate but Alhamdulillah still could manage that feeling. I just ignored it and continued the best what I could do. That’s why I was very nervous when waiting for about half an hour for the short-listed names to be announced.



Light brown scarf with batik, it’s just me. The girl in white was Yin Yin Lee. Another girl wearing scarf got Reservoir Engineering department in other company and she’s my house-mate now.

You can see how happy we were after the group activity finished ^^ looks like no burden at all. 🙂

Back to Yin Yin Lee, even though her location would be in Kemaman, she came to sign the internship contract in Rohas Perkasa building. The place where I work as an internee now. Another person was Lothfi, his location would be in Labuan. But, he came to Rohas for signing contract also.

The rest of the new internees at that day were going to work at Rohas (including me) ^^